He's one of the oldest and most successful German TV stars. A creation of the former East German TV studios, the Sandman has conquered hearts and bedrooms East and West and is one of our main highlights in ancillary exploitation.



When the song "Sandman, dear Sandmann" first aired on Nov. 22nd, 1959 and a little puppet first went gallivanting through the scenery, there was no way of knowing The Sandman would become one of the most popular kid's shows in Germany for over 50 years and running. What began as a brief bedtime story for the little ones soon reached cult status.

From North to South and East to West, The Sandman helps put our littlest viewers to bed every night on Ki.Ka, rbb and MDR. TV magazine format Our Sandman consists of the bedtime greeting and a goodnight story.

Target audience:

Core target aud: Boys and girls aged 2-7Secondary target aud: Young grown-ups (cult fave)Three-generation appeal (kids, parents, grandparents)


rbb and MDR

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More under www.sandmaennchen.de (in German)