Our Sandman

The Sandman has been tucking German kids in to bed for over 50 years. His mission to put the kids to bed with a sense of harmony, comfort and peace & quiet remains the same, as do the warmth and humour of the positive, uplifting and meaningful good-night stories we tell. More info...

Our Sandman and his friends

The Sandman is not a stand-alone character. Numerous other figures appear in the countless bedtime stories the Sandman presents every evening: Mr. Fox and Mrs. Magpie, Plumps and Chickie, or Pittipat, Chatterly and Moppy have all attained cult status by now.

Petzi / Rasmus Klump

Petzi / Rasmus Klump is one of Denmark´s biggest publishing export successes. Rasmus Klump started out in 1951 as a four-panel newspaper comic strip in the national daily Berlingske Aftenavis. More than 32 million Rasmus Klump books have been sold to date. Rasmus Klump and his friends travel the world on their good ship Mary as they encounter interesting creatures, fascinating locations and challenging tasks and now ready to explore the world with brand-new episodes from Studio Soi (Ludwigsburg, Germany), starting in 2018 on TV.

Checker Can & Checker Tobi

One of the most successful science and discovery shows for primary school kids (target aud: age 6 – 10) on German television has a new member and the trusted concept is being continued.
Since September 21, 2013, Tobias Krell as Checker Tobi and Can Mansuroglu as Checker Can are dealing with questions that gets children interested: from Stone Age to space.

Willi wants to know

In-depth reports for curious kids. With over 160 eps. aired first on regional web BR and then nationally on ARD, "Willi Wants to Know" has won the Bavarian TV Prize and TV Spielfilm magazine's Emil Award. More info (in German)

Dahoam is Dahoam

"Home is Home" is the title of the long-running Bavarian village soap produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk. More info (in German)


The concept of the show is as simple as that: Seven country women from seven Bavarian districts come together to cook authentic Bavarian cuisine. The basis of the competition is the preparation of the best three-course menu.

Elephant, Tiger & Co.

The most successful zoo docusoap on German TV, shot in Leipzig's Zoological Garden, on air since April 1st, 2003. More Info (in German)

Rhino, Zebra & Co.

Rhino, Zebra & Co. is Bayerischer Rundfunk's zoo docusoap series, telling stories from Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo.


In his first movie adventure NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS, young reindeer boy Niko learned how to fly. Now he has to save his little brother Johnny from the jaws of the White Wolf and the evil Eagle Gang. In NIKO 2 - LITTLE BROTHER, BIG TROUBLE, Niko sets off with his friend Julius to save the day again – Christmas day! Releasing in German theatres Nov. 2012.