TELEPOOL Leipzig is the exclusive sales outlet for TV and radio programming produced by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR). Our office in Leipzig's Media City also handles acquisitions for MDR, as well as the entire library of former East German TV DFF under the East German TV Archive label together with ICESTORM Co. – including classic TV fare like the "Police: Call 110" series.

Core activities consist of marketing ancillary rights to MDR content, such as zoo reality doc "Elephant, Tiger & Co.", doc series "History of Central Germany" or "Treasures from the Middle of Germany" - a few of the program highlights TELEPOOL releases on DVD or in print with long-standing partners.

The Leipzig office also handles audio productions by the renowned MDR orchestra and choirs, as well as the newly-founded label MDR Klassik. Along with high-quality classical music series and CDs from other musical genres, TELEPOOL Leipzig licenses radio plays and audio books such as MDR Figaro's successful audio recording of bestselling novel "The Tower" by Uwe Tellkamp.

TELEPOOL Leipzig also licenses excerpts from MDR TV and radio programs, public screening rights, TV repeat rights, and has launched first online joint ventures and cover mount packaging with print publishers, as well as subscription service to health journal "Hauptsache Gesund".




Altenburger Strasse 9
D-04275 Leipzig
Tel.: +49 341 35 00 36 00 Ӏ Fax +49 341 35 00 36 30

Dörthe Pankowski / Head of TELEPOOL Leipzig & Programme Acquisitions
Tel.: +49 341 3500 3601 | Fax: +49 341 3500 3630
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Katalyn Böttger-Koch / Footage Sales 
Tel.: +49 341 3500 3605 | Fax: +49 341 3500 3630
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Maren Holz / Assistant of Head of Telepool Leipzig / Footage Sales
Tel.: +49 341 3500 3600 | Fax: +49 341 3500 3630 
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Jenny John / Ancillary Rights
Tel.: +49 341 3500 3607 | Fax: +49 341 3500 3630
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