About Us

TELEPOOL GmbH, founded in 1963, is a diversified licensing company with offices in Munich, Zürich, Leipzig and Los Angeles. Our core business is in the German-speaking territories (GSA), including

  • Acquisition, sales and promotion of theatrical, video, TV and Video on Demand.
  • Merchandising and Licensing of publishing rights.
  • Licensing excerpt rights
  • Marketing of radio formats
  • Third-party service provider

The TELEPOOL library comprises programming of public broadcasters as well as independent international producers, ranging from theatrical blockbusters and tentpole movies to a wide range of high-value documentaries and hit TV series.

TELEPOOL additionally owns 100% of the following subsidary companies:

  • World sales: Global Screen is one of Europe's leading sales & acquisitions firms. 
  • Home Entertainment: Within the TELEPOOL group, all home entertainment exploitation is run by EuroVideo Medien GmbH. Founded in 1979, EuroVideo acquires domestic and international film, TV and special interest rights which it distributes on DVD, Bluray and VoD. EuroVideo furthermore operates in the game industry (commercialisation, cofinancing).
  • DVD-/Bluray-by-mail/Video on Demand: Netleih GmbH & Co.KG runs videobuster.de, which rents and sells films, TV series and TV programs on DVD, Bluray or VoD.